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January 2009

How does this thing work then?

Getting our blog and map set up

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So, we're sat in a freezing caravan in Devon trying to figure out how blogs work. Having played around a bit, this looks like a good one, so we've hopefully added a map with at least the start of our route, and are getting set up with e-mail addresses, a a domain name etc.

It's all starting to feel quite real: we've not purchased any tickets, nor booked anything, but having spend our first bit of holiday money (£9.83 for www.bigtrip2009.com), we're now at the point of no return...

Route planning has been the main focus of the past day or two. We have our outline route (see below) and have now worked out a fair bit of the detail for the first couple of months - enough to be able to book flights when we finally get our Leave approvals through from work.

Detailed Map, or the first few weeks...

Outline route, as it stands, is:
- London, UK
- Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Patagonia, Chile + Argentina
- Santiago, Chile
- Bolivia
- Peru
- Nicaragua
- El Salvador
- Guatamala
- Belize
- Mexico
- California, US
- Oregon, US
- British Colmubia, Canada
- London, UK
- Saint Petersburg, Russia
- Moscow, Russia
- Trans Siberian Railway, from Russia to China, via Mongolia
- China
- Hong Kong
- Cambodia
- Vietnam
- Laos
- Thailand
- Diving somewhere
- New Zealand
- Figi
- London

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